Mathilde Baillarger
The 178 Faces of Amsterdam

The 178 Faces of Amsterdam

90 EUR
"The 178 faces of Amsterdam is a collection of embroideries highlighting the vast diversity of nationalities of the residents of the city. Amsterdam is currently the most cosmopolitan city of the world, in diversity of nationalities. It’s this facet of the city, often underestimated by these inhabitants themselves, that is at the heart of this project."

Each pattern is unique and inspired by the culture of each country.

-Handmade in Amsterdam.

-Hoop of 6" (approx. 17 x 16 cm)

-Wooden Hoop, Cotton fabric, DMC Embroidery Thread

-The back of the stitching is left exposed

-Ready to hang

-Limited edition

-Delivery with track and trace

Please do not remove the outer wooden hoop from the piece. This is an art object and must be treated delicately. Don't pull any threads on the front or back of the piece, it could cause damage.